Campus redevelopment halted as Dr. Evil holds Glasgow to random

PLANS to redevelop University of Glasgow’s main campus have been scuppered after the University was held to ransom by Austin Power’s chief nemesis, Dr. Evil.

The redevelopment program is worth nearly one billion pounds sterling and looks to build vaguely named new buildings like The Learning and Teaching Hub, while also reclaiming the old infirmary campus to expand the university’s capacity.

However, plans have been scrapped after a ransom video was received from comic villain Dr. Evil, who managed to hijack a video address by famous whistle blower Edward Snowden.

The evil mastermind beamed into the Bute Hall and called on Anton Muscatelli and Aamer Anwar to answer his demands. Witnesses at the scene described how Muscatelli was told he could only keep his all expenses paid water if he gave Dr. Evil “One billion dollars!”

The Misstatement has contacted University of Glasgow and Dr. Evil for comment, but neither have returned our calls.


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